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Chuckie Egg (VIC20)

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Guide Hen-House Harry through each screen, collecting 12 eggs to continue before the timer reaches zero. You may also collect the seeds to earn points. Contact with the birds will cause Harry to lose a life.

Chuckie Egg can be played by up to 4 players.

VIC20 instructions:

  • Press F1 to use joystick
  • Press F3 to use keyboard
  • Press F5 to turn audio off
  • Press F7 to turn audio on
  • Keyboard controls: Q (up), A (down), O (left), P (right), Space-Bar (Jump)
  • Shift + H – Hold
  • Shift + F7 – Abort

Chuckie Egg will work on a Commodore VIC20, TheC64/TheVIC20 or your favourite VIC20 emulator. A file configured and ready to play on the The C64/TheVIC20 is included in the downloads, as well as a standard PRG file and D64 image.

NOTE: Chuckie Egg requires 32kb RAM Expansion to work. 


Chuckie Egg was originally released on the ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro and Dragon 32 by A&F Software, in 1983.

Original game design: Nigel Alderton

VIC20 version: Derek More information


DownloadChuckie Egg 32k.d64170 kBDownloadChuckie Egg 32k.prg26 kBDownloadChuckie Egg 32k_MVB1B2B3B5.prg26 k

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