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Montréal Job Market Booming with Opportunities for Technical Talent

International recruiting event for video games, visual effects and animation studios is underway to recruit top global talent to Montréal

Montréal, October 6, 2021 – Digital technology companies in the greater Montréal area have aligned to create a first-of-its-kind virtual recruitment opportunity with the Journées Québec Gaming & VFX, targeting elite workers in the United States who are interested in moving to Montréal to join its rapidly growing video games, visual effects and animation sectors.
This is an exclusive opportunity for US workers to learn more about the life-changing opportunities in Montréal, including an affordable cost of living, a strong public healthcare and school system along with a progressive lifestyle.
There are currently more than one hundred opportunities in video games, VFX and animation, including mid to senior level roles for programmers, artists, directors, quality assurance (QA), user experience and user interface (UX/UI), game design, animation, sound composition and more. More than a dozen studios are actively recruiting as part of the Journées Québec Gaming & VFX, including:

WB Games MontréalCinesiteFramestoreTurbulentNetease GamesMoment Factory Dpt.Motive Studios (EA)Eidos MontréalSquare Enix MontréalBeenoxMiHoYoLudia Halodi RoboticsNorsfellTencent AmericaAAStudios (Artifex Animation Studios Inc.)

Candidates can take part in this unique opportunity by applying for these positions on the talentmontreal.com web portal between Monday, October 4 and Friday, November 12. Employers will select potential candidates and invite them for a virtual interview to take place between November 15 and November 21.
“More than ever, Montréal is where it’s at. The city’s technological and creative industries are creating masterpieces and extremely cutting-edge projects. Montréal consistently ranks among the top hubs world-wide and 1st in Canada for digital creativity: it is a place where careers are set to advance,” said Stéphane Paquet, President and CEO, Montréal International. “Whether you’re an industry vet who wants to offer their family a healthy, positive environment or a newcomer looking for a place to work that challenges you at the office and rewards your social live, Montréal has you covered.”
Over the years, Montréal’s animation and visual effects studios have taken part in countless productions, including The Rise of Skywalker, Stranger Things, Jurassic World, Blade Runner 2049, 1917 and Tomb Raider. Characters such as Ezio Auditore (Assassin’s Creed)Scooby Doo and Batgirl were also developed with the help of Montréal studios. You can meet these stars and the studios behind them on this website and see a video that features Montréal’s thriving techno creative industry on the Get in the Game! web page.
The industry’s exponential growth was also the subject of a recent study led by KPMG which revealed that between 2009 and 2019, employment in the city has increased on average by 8% every year in the video game industry and by 28% in visual effects.
The Journées Québec Gaming & VFX is organised by Montréal International in collaboration with the Government of Québec.

 In their words: international talent who chose Montréal to advance their career
“I was born in the United States. In Montréal, I found a mix of European flavour with a thriving gaming industry to grow in my career, mixed with a reasonable cost of living, a rich art scene and good salaries. The city has a magical mix of reasonable cost of living, a rich art scene, a thriving game industry and good salaries. It is very easy to fall in love with Montréal as I did!” Tara BranniganDirector of Player Experience – Behaviour Interactive
“I began dreaming about working on world-renowned productions in school. At Framestore, that dream became a reality, where I work on Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore! Montréal is a diverse city with that boasts incredible career opportunities. I regularly meet artists who, like myself, found their dream job in the city. Hence, the rich ecosystem combined with a unique cultural scene and lifestyle make Montréal a fantastic city to grow as a VFX artist.” Laureline Silan, Visual Effects Supervisor – Framestore
“I moved to Montreal from Brazil in 2019 and discovered that this city is not only a fantastic place to work but also to live! Being one of the biggest video game development hubs in the world makes Montreal a fantastic place to boost your career by working for the best studios in the world. As a video game lover, I am thrilled to have joined the Square Enix Montréal team and have the opportunity to contribute to the development of upcoming mobile games like Hitman Sniper: The Shadows and a new vision for the Space Invaders brand.” Rodrigo MoutinhoSupport Programmer – Square Enix Montréal

About Montréal International (www.montrealinternational.com)
Montréal International is a non-profit organization funded by the private sector, the governments of Canada and Québec, the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal and the City of Montréal. Its mandate is to attract and retain foreign investment (companies and startups), international organizations, skilled workers and international students to Greater Montréal by providing support services tailored to their needs.
Talent Montréal is an initiative of Montréal International, whose mandate is to promote the greater metropolitan area as a destination of choice to live, work and immigrate for international talent. Our objective is to connect these qualified and experienced workers with Greater Montréal companies. These initiatives are made possible thanks to the invaluable support of the Government of Québec. Montréal International has been organizing recruitment missions for 10 years. In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, 12 missions (mostly virtual) were organized, leading to 772 hires.

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