• Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Ghostopia [BETA] By Supersocial Roblox The Addams Family is coming

👻The spooky city of Ghostopia welcomes you to our Open BETA 👻

Just in time for Halloween Word has it The Addams Family is coming to Ghostopia Oct. 12! Get ready to embark on a spooky scavenger hunt.

The portal to Ghostopia’s Beta is now open and waiting for you! Play our Open Beta today and decorate your own Haunted Mansion, meet ghosts, and explore this haunted world to discover its secrets!

Play Now Ghostopia [BETA] – Roblox

We hope you’ll be a part of building, improving, and expanding this spooky world with us. Beta is just the beginning! Stay tuned for updates, and make sure to follow us on our socials below to keep in the loop!

🏠 Make your Haunted Mansion the spookiest in town!
👻 Summon ghosts to haunt your mansion
💎 Collect resources by mining and woodcutting🌳
📙 Magically conjure objects
⬆️ Level up to unlock rooms, summon more ghosts, and learn new conjuring recipes!
🧭 Discover all the magical areas in the realm!

👾Join our social channels to keep up to date on all things Ghostopia!

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