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Mummy SandBox

Byjadiri gamer

Oct 11, 2021 ,

Become the mummy you always wanted to be…

…and rebuild your body as you dig thru forgotten sandboxes.

This is a first person experiment in style and game mechanics inspired by Minecraft. And stubborn point & click adventure games. And generally mummies I suppose.

A demo was featured on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021 (play this if you can’t pay $$ right now, it’s cool!) Much thanks to the HPS1 community…and thank you for playing. Lemme know your thoughts below please!

Game uses Mouse & Keyboard (no gamepad support) and takes about one hour to complete. No save game, this is a “one sitting” affair. Press Escape for some general Sandbox Rules. From there, press R if you have dug yourself into a hole.

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