• Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

Fetch – Spirit Tamer Drogan Core Games

Battle and befriend mythical spirits on your journey to pacify the enraged elements of an enchanting world! As a young Seeker, your travels will take you to magical forests, dim swamps, frigid mountains, and even the heart of a volcano. With 16 spirits to tame (and more to come!), welcome to Fetch!

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Disclaimer: This game is still under development. As such, not all zones or features are fully realized and are subject to change.

We look forward to expanding the ability and tamable spirits pools, adding more (and more varied) quest content, as well as implementing a number of unannounced features that will greatly expand the game world and its systems.

Thank you to all of the amazing Community Content creators that keep churning out awesome content!

Antula – Game Design/ Programming
Thvald – Game/Character/UX Design
Drogan – Game/Environment/Level Design/VFX

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