• Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

Sunglasses Incorporated Pilot Core Games

It is an excellent time to be working for Sunglasses Incorporated, the premier seller of ultraviolet-filtering eyewear! Profits are up and demand is through the roof, in no small part due to a harsh, unrelenting light blanketing the entirety of the Earth.

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The Sunglasses Magnate himself seeks people brave enough to return to a remote island, host of critical natural resources and the facilities which turn them into sunglasses. Venture out into the light and help and bring production back online – the eyesight of humanity needs your help!

Created by Team Angelic Bling – Pilot, TheScarecr0w, XRStudio, and RunningSomeErins – for the Core Invitational (Summer 2021)!

Pilot – programming, game design, UI
XRStudio – environment and prop design
RunningSomeErins – prop design, logo
TheScarecr0w – game design, playtesting, QA

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