• Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Action Metroidvania DOOMBLADE Announced at The Escapist Indie Showcase 2021

Coming to PC in 2022 from Iceberg Interactive

Yesterday at The Escapist Indie Showcase 2021, developers Muro Studios and publisher Iceberg Interactive announced DOOMBLADE – a 2D Action Metroidvania coming to PC in 2022!

From the award-winning team behind the Shadow Bug series, DOOMBLADE combines pulse-pounding agile action with a classic side-scrolling open world platformer.

See it in action for yourself in our Announcement Trailer!

Deep underground, Gloom Girl discovers DOOMBLADE

A sentient weapon hellbent on escape after eons in chains. Together, “Doom and Gloom” embark on a brutal quest to unlock the powers of The Void in this 2D Action Metroidvania.

Restore DOOMBLADE’s lost powers!

The blade is hungry to wreak its revenge on The Dread Lords, who bound and trapped it in the Underworld. But first it must regain its lost strength. Search for statues of the old gods, where DOOMBLADE’s powers were hidden and stored by the long-dead Gloomfolk, awaiting its return.

Explore the cave-like worlds of the Lowlands

From the abandoned halls of Gloomhaunt, into the New Wilderwood forest full of untrusting tribesmen, through the Molded Mines with their hedonistic shroom people, and into a technological hellscape known as the Power Sector. Wielding DOOMBLADE, Gloom Girl must destroy the monsters within and hunt down the Dread Lords who imprisoned Doomblade.

Find out more on our Steam store page and be sure to wishlist to join ‘Doom & Gloom’ on their journey!

Art, screenshots and more are available in our press kit here!

Stay up to date with DOOMBLADE here:


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