• Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Team Fortress 2 Avatars Bhopping Into Animaze

San Francisco, September 20th, 2021 – Holotech Studios is excited to introduce the first batch of Team Fortress 2 characters to Animaze!
Welcoming the Soldier, the Heavy, the Scout, the Medic and reluctantly, The Pyro, the first Team Fortress 2 characters are now ready for use.

Meet the characters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk7qH330XWs The addition of the Valve’s beloved Team Fortress 2 characters, will bring a ton of fun for streamers and gamers allowing them to stream or create content as their favorite avatars.

All Team Fortress 2 characters will be free to use for Animaze users on Steam and are only the first batch of characters available, with more coming soon. However, please be advised, there is a chance all of these characters are actually the Spy…

Animaze represents a diverse ecosystem that brings together vloggers, streamers, designers, artists, and business developers and is currently available on iOS** and PC.

(**All Team Fortress 2 characters are exclusive to Steam users)
  The team is always looking for feedback on Discord and on Twitter.

Holotech Studios is an American and Romanian art and development company that aims to create unique and memorable experiences on desktop and mobile using animation and performance motion capture technology. Holotech is best known for software that enables anyone to stream as an expressive 3D or 2D avatar. Holotech is are proud to be a little bit of the magic behind beloved entertainers including TheOneManny, The CreepyHorseMan, and It’sPuffPuff.  

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