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Super Smash Bros Crusade

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Super Smash Bros. Crusade is a fangame that started production in 2008 by Falcon8r, Phantom 7, and Dr.MarioX, with a Demo made public on January 2nd, 2010

After v0.8 a new team lead by Mp3 Toaster, Dustination, Perfect Hell and Jaklub picked up the project to further polish the engine and mechanics available.

Today the project has continued to grow since, with the current line up of Lead developers including Mp3 Toaster, Athorment, Shad, Sato1999, Zange and Jaklub working on the 0.9.X versions moving forward.

The game features many characters, stages and items from videogame franchises like Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Konami and even Indie companies alike. Goku from Shonen Jump Manga and Weegee as a YouTube joke character are the only exceptions to this.

Due to the ever expanding nature of the project, many other companies are likely to join in over the years.

PVP gamemodes include up to 6-player free for all, teams, and 1v1 fighting gameplay, which can be played both offline and online (with Radmin-VPN, Hamachi or Parsec).

Singleplayer gamemodes include Classic Mode, Break the Targets, Board the Platforms, Race to the Finish and Multi-Man Crusade. More information

Install instructions

If characters are invisible you HAVE to whitelist the game for your anti-virus. Because of how the game data is encrypted the game needs access of moving files on its own folder.


DownloadSuper Smash Bros Crusade 9.4DownloadSuper Smash Bros Crusade 9.4 MEGA

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