• Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

BOSS RUSH Anime Dimensions Simulator By Albatross Games Roblox

New Code at 490,000 Likes Codes: THESPECIALCODE, GEEEM_430K, 4FIDDY, SOMEKINDOFCODE460K, WEREACHED470K, 480K480KL Check the code board in game for the latest codes

🌌Travel through your favorite Anime Dimensions!
⚔️ Defeat Anime Themed Bosses!
👊 Collect your favorite Anime characters!
👑 Unlock new Dimensions and Characters!
📇 Use Cards from Dimensions to power up your character!


New Game Mode: Boss Rush
Defeat 3 Bosses as fast as possible. Faster time means more rewards
Entering requires a Boss Rush Ticket that can be dropped from raid or bought with gems/raid tokens. One Free Entry will be given daily.
Find the entrance in the lobby

New Characters: Tobushiko, King of Heroes, Alis (All from Boss Rush Shop)
New Costumes: Water, Mika, Eugebro (Knight), Best Boy (Bunny)

Increased Daily Quest Gems
Mythic Rarity
Boss Rush Achievement

🎮Creator: @coolbullsAS
🔨Builder: @d5no_
⭐Contributor: @PurpleBumbling, @SoulRBLXShibo

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