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Heartbeat: Regret

Byjadiri gamer

Sep 13, 2021 ,

Heartbeat: Regret is a horror themed rhythm-typing game, which is divided into seven compact, gradually challenging levels that take the player on an atmospheric journey of discovery. The challenge rises from avoiding and outwitting a dark precense that roams the mansion in which the player gets trapped in.

Prepare to die, retry and die again until you release the soul of your ally from this cursed mansion in between worlds.

REQUIREMENTS: Windows 10, a keyboard and headphones.

Type your way out of the mansion by interacting with your environment. Listen to the growls of the monster to avoid him and find a way out.

Move in rhythm with your heartbeat and don’t lose it or you’ll pass away!

The game is fully playable without visuals and has 3 colorblind modes to choose from.

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