• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Among Us Arena InnerSloth

I decided to make an Among Us fighting game on the side of my actual fighting game! I hope you enjoy!

If you like this game, please consider supporting the REAL fighting game my team and I are currently working on! Footage of that will be shown off eventually! Donations from here will be going towards that, as I don’t plan on adding TOO many additional features to this game.

As a fangame, this game is completely FREE! Just skip the donation bit if you don’t want to support my future, non-Among Us content!

Important notice! Make sure you’ve got the same build as your friends if you try to play online with them! It won’t work otherwise!

Also, check out the community discord! https://discord.gg/y9Hzucfk9G

Make sure you also support the devs over at Innersloth! https://www.innersloth.com/games/among-us/More information


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Click download now to get access to the following files:Among Us Arena 1.0.6 – Australia.zip55 MBAmong Us Arena 1.0.6 – Canada East.zip55 MBAmong Us Arena 1.0.6 – Europe.zip55 MBAmong Us Arena 1.0.6 – Japan.zip55 MBAmong Us Arena 1.0.6 – South America.zip55 MBAmong Us Arena 1.0.6 – US East.zip55 MBAmong Us Arena 1.0.6 – US West.zip55 MB

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