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10 Gnomes In New York

Byjadiri gamer

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You have to find titular 10 gnomes as you go through locations by navigating between photographs. Look in every nook and cranny as those little fellas tend to be quite shy really.

This is the final game of the series, capping off the 12-year-long project (2010-2021), which was a follow up to a 12-month-long project in 2008.

It’s been fun and thank You for playing.More information

Install instructions

PC users: No installation needed, it’s a standalone game. Just download and unpack it.

Mac users: if your Mac says “Unable to find game” – move the game from Downloads to Desktop or Applications. Note: Catalina will not play this game (this system requires everything to be notarized). I’m working on notarization of the game.

Fun trivia: the game plays just fine when testing in the Game Maker environment on my Catalina Mac, but refuses to play the final standalone build, because reasons. I won’t be able to overcome this unless I find out the magic way to notarize standalone and finished apps not created in xcode. :/


Download10_gnomes_in_new_york_pc.zip167 MBDownload10_gnomes_in_new_york_mac.zip169 MB

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