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Base 71 Arena CTF (Beta) Core Games

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Base 71 Arena CTF (MetaForge Weapons) Beta

One flag spawns in the middle of the first floor and 4 teams compete to capture it. Capture the flag by picking it up and bringing it to your team’s flag capture point.

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There are 4 classes, each with their own unique abilities and an additional self-heal.

Sniper (Sniper Rifle)
High Jump – An extra boost to get into hard to reach areas or use as a quick escape. Works best in combination with a jump.
Mines – Place land mines that explode when the enemy crosses them.

Engineer (Plasma Rifle)
Healing Dome – Create a healing dome to heal yourself and your teammates.
Shock Grenade – Shoot a shock grenade at the enemy that deals damage over time.

Infiltrator (Shotgun Pistol)
Stealth – Sneak up on the enemy to take them by surprise.
Sludge Grenade – Infect the enemy with spreadable noxious sludge (includes a slowing effect).

Assault (Triple Barrel Shotgun)
Toughness – Temporarily increase your hitpoints to push through enemy lines.
Blast Grenade – Launch an explosive grenade at the enemy with a knockback.

Visit a weapons terminal to change your class!

Weapons terminals are located in the spawn rooms and in the downstairs corner areas. These are team specific and located in your team’s area. The color of the screen indicates which team it belongs to.

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