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Make Them Fly (Beta) Core Games

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Shove your enemies through the moon door before the arena collapses to claim victory! Join us on discord @ https://shhtevesarcade.com for challenges, events, and other games by Shhteve!

Play Now Make Them Fly (Beta) by Shhteve – Core Games

Huge shoutout to these awesome creators for their Community Content:

17th Century Chair 2 – TheHauntedTopHat
Boxing Gloves – Buckmonster
Ceiling Chain Chandelier – BirdBonez
Cloud – LuckofBuck
Curtain Border – TheHauntedTopHat
Dungeon Tiles – CardinalZebra
Ease3D – NicholasForeman
EaseUI – NicholasForeman
Fantasy Castle – corwinfire
Fantasy_Stylized_Pack – LittleCreator
FluidUI – NicholasForeman
Gardens Of Illiad – Mucusinator
Insane Skybox Pack – LotusCracker
Mech Wings – AlexandrInking
Medieval Con Pack 1 – Ocylix
Medieval Torch – garageagle
META Achievements – Team META
META Cosmetics – Team META
META Leaderboards – Team META
META Playerlist – Team META
META Victory Screen – Team META
Old Stone Bridge – Amonbeaufils
Petting Pose – Cristo
Power Glove Costume – Seth
PUSH Kit – Buckmonster
Random NPC Generator – standardcombo
Realistic Lantern – ||-OxyGeNe-||
Throne & Pedastal – CapnFrap
UI Tween – CommanderFoo

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