• Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

THE MINE Speedman Simulator By Shiny Star Games Roblox

Equip shoes and run to the finish line for energy! rain on the treadmill for speed!Open capsules for powerful pets! Rebirth for tokens and upgrade yourself!

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👟Equip shoes and run to finish line for energy!
🏃Train on treadmill for speed!
🥚Open capsules for powerful pets!
♻️Rebirth for tokens and upgrade yourself!

-⛏️The Mine Area!
-🥚New Capsule!
-🐶4 New Pets!
-👟5 New Miner Shoes!
-⬆️Some upgrades can be upgraded more!
-⬆New Upgrade!
-📦Dragon chest!
-🥇2 New ranks
-🐾New pet in pet shop!
-🏆Above head leaderboards tags for top 100!
-🔔Notification when not enough inventory storage!
-❌Auto Delete!
-❌Delete All Pets!
-✨Pets Rarity Colors!
-✨Rebirth Menu slight update
-✨New Aura!
-🐛 Huge Bug Fixes
-👀 More Coming Soon…

A game by EddiePogster and FoundForces

Inspired by Strongman Simulator

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