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unholy eyeballs

Byjadiri gamer

Aug 8, 2021 ,

Why are eyeballs always chasing you?

Why is it always eyeballs?

Unholy Eyeballs explores the meta of eyeballs in horror games. It plays a bit with different game modes. I wanted to go very dark with the game world: It’s recommended you play with the lights off! 

This was made for Haunted PS1 Jam Summer of Shivers 2021. Also it’s my first game with a fully 3d environment! (made in Crocotile and rendered in GameMaker 2)

Controls are Mouse and wasd/arrow keys. PRESS F11 to toggle windowed mode.

Content Warning for trypophobia!

Thank you and please tell me about the eyeball themed dreams you have after playing!More information


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