• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

[DnD] Treasure of Baland-Ur Core games

Explore ancient dungeon complex Baland-Ur. Fight with terrible monsters and discover all secrets and treasures of this dungeon!
Designed for solo play. Average completion time 20-25 minutes.
Hope you enjoy it!

play Now [DnD] Treasure of Baland-Ur by CardinalZebra – Core Games

My submission for DnD contest ( and my first CORE game )

Reward Points for various activity added.

Useful information
• Game progress not saving, because game is short and designed to be oneshot adventure.
• Roll your character ability scores and increase them with each level. At first level you have two ability points.
• Select one of three classes: Fighter, Rogue and Wizard. Each class have unique ability( Use SHIFT button in game to use it )
• Health potion. Use it by pressing Q button. It is infinite but has long cooldown. Hit points also regenerated every few seconds. Amount is based on Constitution modifier.

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