• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Hydro Blast Multiverse Games Core

Participate in the Multiverse Games! For full contest rules, see multiverse games.core games Jetski over the rolling waves as you blow each other up!!

Play Now Hydro Blast by Lockheart – Core Games

  • CUSTOM JETSKI PHYSICS AND DYNAMIC WATER: Launch off roaring waves for sick air as you glide around enemy attacks and drench them with your wake.
  • INTENSE SKILL-BASED 1V1 DUELS: Ambush opponents from below mountainous waves, take to the air to leap over torpedos while scouting the area, predict your opponents path to blind-fire through walls of water, and make desperate dashes for highly contested powerups.
  • UNIQUE MATCHMAKING/CHALLENGE SYSTEM: Take on anyone who is willing to play -or- challenge specific players. Salty about your loss? Challenge them for a rematch! Get that MMR back!

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