Island Survival Alpha hits 1 MILLION plays Core Games


You wake up on an island that is teeming with zombies, raptors and sharks (oh my!)
Can you survive in the wild? Gather fruits, cut down trees with an axe, mine rocks with a pickaxe.
Upgrade your base and plant fruits in your own plot.
PVE only – Cooperate with other players to explore the island.

PLy now Island Survival Alpha by randomphantom – Core Games

Check out the discord at

Made for survival game jam with using survival framework.
Plots, some fruits, farm code and shark from Farmer Market, fireplace (simple) from Versed on CC
Thanks to NoobDadGamer for the Crash Site and to Standardcombo & Coderz for various indepth code help! Also included Standardcombo Bed.

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