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Escape The Dead (Alpha) New Core Games

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Escape The Dead (Alpha) New Core Games Escape a Zombie Take over CLimb walls Radical Obbys GO over walls WHat ever it takes.

Play Now Escape The Dead (Alpha) by Trashbyrd – Core Games

Can you make it inside the desert fortress and up the dam to escape the zombie horde?

Choose your path across parkour challenges to earn a reputation with the military and other shadowy organizations for even greater challenges ahead.

Use your drone (M) to scout out your path when you encounter blind spots. Gather esources amd coins to buy equipment that will be available in future updates.

KNOWN ISSUES: Timer occasionally resets to zero and doesn’t start back upon again after death.

Special thanks to Armanato for last minute Lua help!
Congrats to Shinaii for being the first to beat it!

CC heroes:

Standardcombo – NPC AI Kit, NPC Costume Script, Cinematic Shot, & FPS Meter
Commander Foo – Dialogue System
YadNi_Monde – Desert Roamer Car
Coreslinkous – Damage Zone
VarglBargl – Aurora Borealis
Buckmonster – Military Jeep
LuckofBuck – Portal to Location
Johnhenderson1963 – Animated Health Bar
GunterWolfe – Elevator Life Platform
Fadzil06 – Fall Damage
Wobblle – Healing Zone
Bigglebuns – Sniper Alley Aircraft
Vilva – Ultimate Obby Kit
Aphrim – Speedrun Timer V2

  • Green Path up 1st and 2nd Wall is now easier based upon feedback
  • Added stairwell encasement to 2nd Wall
  • Moved timer to start after 2nd Wall is complete
  • Replaced leaderboards
  • Original scores from broken timer saved but not on display currently
  • Added more directional text and arrows
  • Next update will include checkpoints. Apologies but they were not functioning properly at the time of this release.

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