A devilish contest with a special prize: punish souls in our brand new pub chain, and spend a day with Lilith!

Many customers are coming to the pub requesting the most wanted delicacy: souls. The rules of the contest are simple: spend all your day serving the clients and gain points for the contest*.

Throw your way to the top!

Garth is a huge fan of Lilith, and he must do anything to win the contest, even team up with Satan himself.

W, A, S, D :  Move;
Left Button/Right Button: Left Hand/Right Hand;
    (You can grab highlighted objects if your hand is empty,
          or throw objects if the hand is full)
Spacebar: Dash
E – Take an order/use a machine

More information

Install instructions

Download and unzip, then launch the .exe file.


DownloadHell_of_a_Management.zip139 MB

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