• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Predators Paintball Arena Core Featured Game

Paintball game for summer jam contest, my first creation ever in CORE!5 markers and premuim ammo (plus a golden secret) for the glory earned two game modes TeamTag and HoldTheFlag, 6 playfields (2 for each mode)

Play Now Predators Paintball Arena by Morituri_SK – Core Games

TT – up to 5 team elimination rounds, 3 wins grants a victory
-Simulating the sport events, no respawns

HtF – 4mins (or 500 score), hold the flag with respawns.
– simulating a friendly match, with respawns
– The more players hold, the more points (1/second/player)
– loosing team can get points (10/tag) for tagging winning team players too!

  • Respawns have safe zone, where you can shoot from but can not be shot. To prevent spawnpoint camping.
  • Do not forget to reload tubes and air on respawn, no limit unless in game of HtF /time is a resource here, so make it like in a pit stop/.
  • Marker shoots air, even with empty loader – like a real one (eyeless loader). Reload is limited to number of tubes on the back.

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