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Little Big Head Core Games Featured

Byjadiri gamer

Jul 12, 2021 , , ,

Team up with your friends or go solo with this fun 1v4 multiplayer game. Similar to the retro-styled Pac-Man game, but with some added fun. The top-down view is the same for the main hero (little head) player, yet the enemies (BIG HEADs) will have a first-person view.

Play Now Little Big Head by McDuder – Core Games

The goals are the same as with Pac-Man; the main player needs to collect all items to win. Collect credits to buy hats by taking down the opposing team, collecting gems or stopping the collection of gems.

This game is still being worked on, so please be sure to point out any bugs, give me comments, feedback and don’t forget to like the game if you had fun playing.

Offering 5x Credits during Featured Showcase

  • Updated UI to notify Big Heads of Little Head takedown before respawning
  • Updated Little Head controls – LH now runs a little faster and can move around quicker
  • Updated Big Head controls – BH moves a little faster; the handling is greatly improved
  • Fixed the speed of the AI during Patrol and Chase
  • Added a Skull Button friend in the lobby so games can start from there as well
  • Added hat designers (from Community Content) in the lobby room for each hat
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