• Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

Meteor Event Loomian Legacy By Llama Train Studio

A new event is out for a limited time in Loomian Legacy. Use your weather tab in the menu to track down Meteor showers and discover a new rare Loomian. Use meteorites to purchase new rare and limited items from 2 special shops.

play now (☄️Meteor Event☄️) Loomian Legacy – Roblox

The fourth battle theatre is currently under development. Follow us on twitter for updates and events in the Loomian Legacy. @Llama_Train_S


Harmony Medal
Obtain the Harmony Medal when you complete Battle Star Naya’s challenge at the Silvent City Battle Theatre!

2.2% (Insane)
Won Yesterday
Won Ever

Wisdom Medal
Obtain the Wisdom Medal when you complete Battle Star Akio’s challenge at the Heiwa Village Battle Theatre!

1.3% (Insane)
Won Yesterday
Won Ever

Cyber Medal
Obtain the Cyber Medal when you complete Battle Star Faust’s challenge at the Sepharite City Battle Theatre!

1.1% (Insane)
Won Yesterday
Won Ever

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