• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

ROCKFISH Games Teases New Star System, Weapons, and More With EVERSPACE 2 Gameplay Footage

The coming July Early Access update for EVERSPACE™ 2’s brings more story, new weapon types, and more as a whole new star system unlocks for players to explore. Hamburg, Germany – June 17, 2021 – Independent developer ROCKFISH Games will soon deliver the second major Early Access content update ZHARKOV: THE VORTEX to its popular space action RPG EVERSPACE 2, scheduled for the end of July.

Get an early look at the Zarkov system coming to EVERSPACE 2 Early Access in July:https://youtu.be/VeBPY56nm10

In this actual gameplay teaser trailer, space game enthusiasts get a glimpse of the third star system that leads deeper into the mystery of the Ancients, a powerful alien race, as well as shady business being done by the Grady & Brunt mining operation, two factions that were already established in the original EVERSPACE. Keep an eye out for new natural hazards, weapon types, and a new planetary location that is briefly shown. Time to get excited, pilots! ZHARKOV: THE VORTEX Early Access Update Features:

  • New Star System – Zharkov: The Vortex takes players deep into the eye of the storm
  • New Main and Side Missions – More story and more to do; TTS placeholders of previous missions as well as all-new fully-voiced story content. 
  • New Activities, Mini-Missions, and Challenges – A new system means more to explore. 
  • New Companion – Watch out for more news soon!
  • New Light Fighter Class: The Vanguard – Watch out for more news soon!
  • Increased Level Cap – Get those numbers up, rookies! More levels mean more perks to explore!

For more details on the coming July update follow EVERSPACE 2 on Twitter, Facebook, or join the game’s Discord.
A high resolution image of the EVERSPACE 2 2021 roadmap can be downloaded here.

Every Friday, the EVERSPACE 2 team shows off content from their latest dev build on the ROCKFISH Games Twitch and YouTube channel from 8 pm to 10 pm CEST / 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST / 11:00 am to 1:00 pm PST.
continues the story of Adam Roslin from the first part of the series. Starting with two sprawling star systems that can be freely explored by space pilots, players experience Adam’s emotional journey and personal development from an immortal clone space pilot to an individual character whose death has final consequences in an open-world action RPG. EVERSPACE 2 offers in the current Early Access version more than 25 hours of gameplay and already contains all core mechanics of the targeted final version.

EVERSPACE 2 can be purchased on Steam here and on GOG here. The full version for PC, including Mac and native Linux support, will be released at a reasonably increased price in summer 2022 and come with UI and text language support for German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

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