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flip ‘n fall

Byjadiri gamer

Jun 12, 2021 ,

flip ‘n fall is a puzzle game inspired by the Sokoban game which involves solving different puzzles by opening the locks through pressure plates.


In this game, you are a cube. Your objective is simple – unlock the key and use it to pass through different levels till you reach the end. But any game is not that easy, as you flip(walk) to make your way to the key, the blocks will start falling behind you. With that, the pressure plate which you will use to unlock the key will also activate different blocks which will obstruct your path. This is not the only problem, after a few levels, you will start encountering the ICE block. And you know what the ice does. So be careful not to be thrown in the void! 

(P.S. – Mac version is untested so play the downloadable version of this at your own risk.)


WASD/Arrow keys to move the Cube.

Mouse to interact in the Main Menu.


– Interesting gameplay with 14 different levels to mess with.

– Simple and easy to play.

– Different types of puzzles with increasing difficulty in each level.

– Entertaining as well as strategy building.

– Well polished with a large number of animations.

–  Included Hints in the first 3 levels for newbies. 

– if you will download the game, your in-game cursor will change to something cool!

– Available to Play In Browser.

–  Also available for Windows, Linux, and Mac in case you want to download it.


All game code and design were done by me including the sound effects.

Background music from here.

Guitar model from here.


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