Paths of Savage Gods


Paths of Savage Gods is going to be the toolbox of the modern Dungeon Master. In leading pen & paper events, Dungeon Masters have to read through thick books, prepare an adventure, set up the playing field and much more. With the tools of Paths of Savage Gods, much of this is done with a snap of a finger. A lot of content (yes, even whole worlds and quests!) can be generated randomly and adjusted as desired. Paths of Savage Gods is also compatible with most roleplaying games (based on 5-Edition SRD under OGL).

Paths of Savage Gods by, KilaWolfsblut, Rockstone24, McZero182, Dodo_Lyniat, lyniat (

What PoSG creates and displays:

  • Continents
  • Maps ready to be played (optionally with grid)
  • Structures
  • Dungeons
  • Encounters & Creatures
  • Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
  • Objects and Environment
  • Quests & Storylines
  • Lore

DM Functions & Features

In general, one can say that the map of PoSG is like a giant digital board for your tabletop RPG adventure. As the Dungeon Master, you can move objects and characters by dragging them over the map. You can modify the world before the campaign starts or during the session to react to events or changes in the world. Every player can have his own fog of war or share it with his friends. It’s your decision.

Mod almost everything!

You and your players can not only create and modify your own characters, you can also import custom models, animations, textures, sounds, … 

We offer not only straight-forward tools for map generation, but also experimental and very creative ways to build and generate custom maps.

For this, no coding is required since we offer a node based graph tool (like Unreal Engine’s blueprint system).

Our world: Peigira

Additionally, we plan to create our own world, characters and lore (and have already started to work on it in our spare time)! Peigira is one of the worlds on Yggdrasil and is afflicted by a dispute between Odin and Loki. The world will be based on handcrafted assets, but to fill the huge world with details, we will use our algorithms.

When will PoSG be available?

Paths of Savage Gods is currently under development. We will release the full version of PoSG in 2022. By supporting us on itch, you can get the first version in June 2021. It will feature some different map generators (overworld and dungeons) and editing tools for the whole map and you can export all your results directly as PDF or image. 

The most important features have already been developed by us and are about to be improved and implemented in the software, such as the graphical user interface, different shaders and parts of the random world generation algorithms. Of course, we will focus on the fine tuning of the procedural generation of the adventures, quests and the world editing tools so that you can have a unique and fantastic gaming experience. We are currently working on the individual features and UI functions the tool will offer. 

Depending on your feedback we will customize our roadmap.

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Early Access & Pre Sale

For the next months (as of June 2021) we will be staying in EA. During that time, PoSG will be sold at a more favorable price. And additionally you will get all upcoming DLCs for free! For a lifetime!

Risks and challenges

As described in Status & Progress, we have already overcome the most difficult hurdles. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work to do and, as with any other software project, unpredictable difficulties and delays might arise. We have carefully calculated a schedule according to which we can release Paths of Savage Gods as alpha in June 2021. During this phase, when the tool is already made available to a large number of users, difficulties, bugs and other problems may arise, which we will fix as soon as possible.

PoSG – Early Bird

Get PoSG and all future DLCs and downloads for lifetime! ONLY the DM has to buy a copy! Be one of the first to start testing our product when EA launches in June 2021. Get for $25.002990 remaining

PoSG – The Art

All lower rewards are also included. Additionally you get a Concept Art Booklet signed digitally for you by our team (PDF).Get for $50.00197 remaining

PoSG Diamond Pledge

All lower rewards are also included. Your name in game as Diamond Supporter and an epic diamond frame for your account picture in game.Get for $100.0049 remaining

PoSG Platin Pledge

All lower rewards are also included. Your name in game as Platin Supporter and an epic platin frame for your account picture in game. Your name will also appear as important NPC with the habbits you choose. (Must be reviewed by us)Get for $250.0025 remaining

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