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Iron Invasion (Alpha)

Byjadiri gamer

Jun 10, 2021 , ,

!!! The game is currently in alpha so you may experience problems during the gameplay. Please report problems in the comments or in our community: discord.gg/rY9m3Bc8h3.

PLAY NOW https://www.coregames.com/games/ed61a9/iron-invasion?utm_source=source&utm_medium=web

Become a famous Scrapper as you blast through robot invaders alone or with friends. Collect Scrap and Schematics to update your gear and express yourself with a variety of different cosmetics.

Join our Scrapper community: discord.gg/rY9m3Bc8h3

More weapons and missions coming soon!

Game made by:

Keppu, KaunisPoika, Harizio, kuljake, NANIMOON and Jarsa

In collaboration with Kajak Games

Special thanks to EXPLOSIVES

CC-content used from users:

Witchersilver – Microphone

Antropy – SciFi Soccerball

Truedarkdev – DDPathfinder

jadiri gamer

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