Timber Tycoon Tropical update


Chop down trees for lumber, sell lumber for gold, use gold to upgrade!

Timber was created by Datonare and Cleio, a husband and wife team.
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Play it now Timber Tycoon by Datonare – Core Games

Programming: Datonare
Art/Design: Cleio

CC Content:

  • Sawmill from CoreRoyale
  • Leaderboard by TeamMETA
  • Auto Attack by Knar
  • Campfire by Drogan
  • Variety of hats from by NoobDadGamer
  • Cowboy Hat by Flex
  • EaseUI by NicholasForeman
  • Silly Hats Pack by gortz
  • Table Saw by varglbargl
    Palm Tree = bwdev
    Dock = LittleCreator
    Shell Chest = BlueClairey
    Gigantic Backyard Pack and Pinball: Pirates = Varglbargl
    Pirate Ship and small boat = AGrano
    Beach chair, ball, and umbrella = Daddio
    Island survival house and Murloc Island Asset Pack = mangoboy
    Swimmable Water = LuckofBuck
    Folding Chair You Can Sit In = coreslinkous
    Backpack Equipment/Model = Chipnertkj
    Modern Bar = jurist

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