Spellshock 2


In this fantasy PVP battleground, the warring Legion of Light and Dark Devout clash to gain dominion over the war-torn land. Strategize with your teammates to capture and control power crystals on this classic battlefield. Choose from any of five unique MOBA inspired classes, each outfitted with specialized powers, appearances, and playstyles. Level up your skills, collect treasure after each round, and master your favorite class!

Play Now Spellshock 2 by ManticoreGames – Core Games

Created via the hard work of these Core creators:

META Director: Buckmonster
Design Leads: Buckmonster, Bigglebuns
Inspiration, Design, Initial Map: Basilisk
Producer: Rolok
Technical Lead: Standardcombo
Lead Developers: Ooccoo, Morticai
Support Developers: Estlogic, Divided
Map design and creation: Melamoryxq
UI design and art: KonzZwodrei
Lead Costume Artist: WitcherSilver
Sound & Music: Deadlyfishes
Test Lead: AJ
Additional Art, UI: WitcherSilver, Melamoryxq
Amazing Costumes: Aggripina, AwkwardGameDev, Melamoryxq, mjcortes782
Amazing Ability Art: WitcherSilver, Ooccoo
Special Thanks: Shhteve
Special Thanks: Neil and Matthew Pablo!
Special Thanks: Tobs for streaming awesomeness
Special Thanks: Our Manticore family of playtesters!

CC Components:
Chicken Player — WaveParadigm (art updated by WitcherSilver)
EaseUI — NicholasForeman
META Cosmetic Store — Montoli, Estlogic, Buckmonster
Teleportation Network — standardcombo
Roaming Spectating Cam — standardcombo
Simple Audio Trigger — deadlyfishes

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