Dragon’s End MMO RPG (Alpha)


Dragon’s End features a number of quests, dynamic events & open world exploration with more still being added.

Play it Now Dragon’s End MMO RPG (Alpha) by Fuddy – Core Games

After a long journey you’ve arrived at the docks of the island town called Dragon’s End.
Named for the ruins upon which it was built it is clamied the former town was destroyed when a dragon woke from beneath the island and destroyed everyone and everything that lived there. An age of time has passed since then and the newly founded town of Dragon’s End has so far had a peaceful existence until now. However, recently there has begun frequent rumblings beneath the ground. Undead and viscious beasts come up from the ruins below hinting at a bigger threat deep below.

Dragon’s End was created as a Dungeons, Caves and Catacombs entry for the Core DnD Dungeon Building Contest.
A Collaboration By: Fuddy & Neitherworld
Contributions by: Grim Bloodhawk

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