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Liyla and the Shadows of War

Byjadiri gamer

Jun 5, 2021 , ,

When you live in a war zone and death is hunting everyone, things will look different and choices become harder. Face your fate in an unjust war to survive with your family from the shadows of war. 

 Time is running against you, your family is in danger and there is nowhere to hide or to do but to get them out of the home through a hero journey to a safer place. 

Shooting and bombing everywhere and it will hunt you unless you make fast decisions as you progress through different events. These events are real and they will make you choose the hard way. Live or die!


  • A story based on Actual Events.
  • Witness the actual events of war from different point of view.
  • Emotional experience that will touch your heart.
  • Provoke different feelings in a short space of time.
  • Explore amazing atmosphere.
  • Challenging decision, events and puzzles awaiting for you.
  • Epic music and Sound effects.

Why i made this game 

I’m a father of two kids, I can’t imagine my life without them, but in Palestine nobody is safe.

When the war started in Gaza and i saw the images of the killed kids in their parents hands I was shocked, I had a weird feeling, it’s a combination of sadness, fear, empathy and anger, All what i was thinking of is “what if this happened to me”.

I have chosen to share those feelings in a game to deliver a message of how we are living as Palestinians under this situation

It’s Not Just a Game, It’s a case and call for help.


IMGA MENA – WINNER OF Excellence in Storytelling.
The Game Development World Championship 2016 – “GDWC” 3rd Place in Serious Catagory.
Reboot Develop Indie Award in category of “Visual Excellence”.
Nominations and Official Selections

Indie Prize: Best in Show & Most Innovative Game.

Indie Prize: Best Game Narrative.

AzPlay: Best Idea Finalist.
IndieCade Festivel: Official Selection.
IndieCade Europe: Official Selection.
PGC Vancouver – Big Indie Pitch: Official Selection.
A MAZE Johannesburg Exhibition: Official Selection.
A MAZE Berlin Exhibition: Rainbow Selection.
Casual Connect – Asia Showcase: Official Selection.
Game Happens: Official Selection.More information


DownloadLiyla_and_The_Shadows_of_War.exe49 MB

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