• Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

A disciple of time, space, and incredible violence. A class option for HEART the City Beneath, the tabletop RPG by Rowan, Rook Decard.

Space and time are both laced with scars; the Pugilist can not only find them, but can split them wide open with powerful, precise punches.

With fists capable of breaking reality and a grasp that’s anathema to magic, the Pugilist is an unstoppable force.

Using iron determination and uncanny strength, the Pugilist descends into the Heart in search of a challenge worthy of physical perfection.

  • Suplex your enemies spiraling out of the time-stream continuum; hit them with a haymaker when they inevitably return.
  • Use strange rites, secret signs, and adamant wholeness of self to navigate the horrors of the City Beneath
  • Tear the demons from soul and force them to submit: All your problems can be solved if you know how exactly how to hit them.
  • Seek perfection by honing yourself into a weapon capable of saving the world . . . or dooming it to cosmic judgment

An excerpt from the upcoming ICHOR-DROWNED unofficial supplement, featuring classes, background options, an adventure, and more. Coming soon!

Written by Sillion L http://sillionl.itch.io
Layout and Additional writing by Brendan McLeod https://sulcata.itch.io/

HEART: The City Beneath, is created by Grant Howitt and Christopher Taylor, and published by Rowan, Rook, and Decard Ltd. www.rowanrookanddecard.comMore information


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