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Rhythm Towers

Byjadiri gamer

May 29, 2021 ,

Dance. Defend. Adapt. Use your rhythm matching skills to build defensive towers, in order to fight back mysterious hordes of creatures that will stop at nothing to destroy the planet’s rhythm core.

Rhythm Towers is a new and unique rhythm-based tower defense game. Each tower is built by playing a rhythm that dynamically adds to the soundtrack while defending your base against an increasingly difficult onslaught of enemies.

Rhythm Towers features an original story, intricately designed music that is tied to the gameplay, satirical characters and intense, challenging boss battles. Experience the story driven campaign solo or with a friend through couch co-op and online multiplayer.


  • Build and unlock a powerful arsenal of defensive Rhythm Towers by rhythm matching
  • Discover and take advantage of helpful abilities that will alter the way you can play
  • Defeat challenging bosses that will push your strategy and rhythm skills to the limit
  • Enjoy multiple musical genres with wide ranging tempos and unique styles
  • Summon powerful allies that will assist you in battle, by unleashing cinematic carnage
  • Plan, upgrade and use strategy to place your Rhythm Towers in the most optimal positions
  • Explore a vibrant alien planet that reacts to your rhythms, in helpful and hazardous ways
  • Choose from multiple playable characters, each with unique skills and personalities

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