FNM at Home May 20 – Artisan

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FNM at Home May 20 – Artisan the ban list this week is very short and sweet the Artisan Events are mostly always fun you just never know what others will come up with Why not get your Creative side going and join us this Friday on MTG Arena Zombie Nation will be there.

May 20 – Artisan

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As before, these events will have no in-game entry fee and will reward rare or mythic rare individual card rewards (ICRs) for your first and second win. For those of you who connect with your participating WPN stores, you’ll also be eligible to receive an additional promotional code that can be redeemed for extra in-game rewards. These will take the form of a MTG Arena Promo Pack code, inspired by the (you guessed it) promo packs you receive at your local store.

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