• Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Coming up in a bit on ZombieNation MTGArena

Coming up in a bit on Zombie Nation MTG Arena on Facebook Gaming Yup we will be doing the daily quest and Grinding Gold tryingto get back the fortunes we spent on out Strix heaven Collection so far and seeing what other trouble we can cause as we earn wild card to complete new decks.

if you didnt Join us yesterday here is what you missed, don’t forget to hit that bell notification bell and give a follow so you dont miss another minute of out miss adventure in magic not to mention our tip and tricks.

Hey Just know the Fun NeveEnds Later Zombienation will be up on Twitch with Bee Swar Simulator we Have a huge hive of Bees and alway working on moving on up our user name on Roblox 2zombiegamer Join us in game have a blast oh for all who get going in chat some time we cant see your message we dont have 2 monitors here some times we try to keep watch on our Phone while we play we are working on adding a chat bot .

Here is all the Fun you missed on Twitch yesterday it was a short stream because we have technical issues but we manged to grab the attention of some who were interested in join ing on the fun .

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We are known by many names and are only a family of 4! BLOX Hype Inc., Fandomfare, Fandomfare Kids Gaming, Fandomfare Kids yet all the same. There is Mr Plays aka Ian, Bellie/Sis Plays aka Ellie, and ZOMBIE/JADIRI GAMER aka Richard! We are about games! Enjoy our streams fellow Gamers!