• Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

Planet Mining Simulator PreAlpha

Planet Mining Simulator PreAlpha By Zood Studios Roblox Gather space rocks, crystals, and minerals by mining down the planet’s soil. Become rich and explore all the exotic planets in this alien solar system. Collect pets, items, trade with friends, and fight alien creatures found in the deep dark caves.

Planet Mining [PREALPHA] Planet Mining Simulator – Roblox

🪐Welcome to Planet Mining Simulator! 🌌
🗝️Use the code “LikeTheGame” and LIKE the game for a free boost!

How to Play:
⛏️ Use a vacuum to dig in mines!
💎 Discover Rare Ores!
💰 Sell and buy upgrades!
☠️ Collect Pets and Fight Monsters with them!!
🥇 Collect rare items and become the best astronaut!
🪐 Discover New Planets!

⚠️ This is in VERY early stages of release expect bugs. Instead of disliking let us know under group wall so we can improve the game :D⚠️

The underworld is under construction if you reach it just expect unfinished stuff

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