• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Zombie Nation Plays Magic the Gathering Arena Happy Monday

Zombie Nation Plays Magic the Gathering Arena Happy Monday

SO now I see the Developers of the game are claiming to be Phycologists?? every time I start the game it tells me there was an error last time I played and they are going to check my asset to be sure I’m Stable.

I dont know if I should be insulted or thank them for the Free Phycologic assesment

Buy CLicking this Link you can tip up, Buy us a Coffee https://wlo.link/@zombiegamer Generally Support our Game Streams we do Play Hard to keep things interesting we will be Adding Magic into our Gaming daily you can Join watch or play along with MTG Arena

we are going to try hard to make 10:30 EST our Normal Magc Time For use we have more in line Tip on some of the Top Roblox game From start to FInished Played live we have set up a roblox account just to show all the best way to Level in game Like Bee Swam Simulator and Ghost SImulator.

jadiri gamer

We are known by many names and are only a family of 4! BLOX Hype Inc., Fandomfare, Fandomfare Kids Gaming, Fandomfare Kids yet all the same. There is Mr Plays aka Ian, Bellie/Sis Plays aka Ellie, and ZOMBIE/JADIRI GAMER aka Richard! We are about games! Enjoy our streams fellow Gamers!