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WINGS Interactive is supporting diversity in the games industry by funding projects from Female and Gender-Diverse teams. With the first batch of titles announced in 2020, their mission continues with the addition of 4 new projects: BUTTON CITY from Subliminal Games; ILLUMINARIA from Selva Interactive; THE FERMI PARADOX from Anomaly Games; and KABARET from Persona Theory Games.“We are proud to work with such talented developers who are bringing some truly unique games to the market, and we are excited to continue our mission to support creations by those typically overlooked for funding,” shares Audrey Leprince, co-founder of WINGS.
 WINGS invests in excellent games made by teams with strong diversity, where women and developers from marginalized backgrounds hold key creative, technical or business positions. With only 22% of game creators identifying as women, and less than 1% of Venture Capital funds going to female founders, WINGS believes that supporting the success of diverse teams will lead to more unique ideas coming to life, new voices being heard, and new games catering to a wider variety of tastes.
 Driven by a selection committee of outstanding women game developers, WINGS is currently funding games up to $500k and is an alternative to publisher relationships. The focus at WINGS is on helping developers build a sustainable studio with a developer-first approach, using terms that ensure developers get revenue share from the first dollar, have complete creative and business control, own their IP rights, publishing rights and more. WINGS keeps the process of getting funded as simple as possible, and strives to support developers in any area they need help with, in particular with business development and platform relationships. You can see the full roster of WINGS funded games at wingsfund.me/games.Discover the latest games supported by WINGS:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsYZhJWs63oButton City – Subliminal GamesButton City is a colorful low poly adventure game about cute animals who must save the arcade from being torn down. Enter a diorama world from Subliminal Games and play as Fennel the fox as you explore, play exciting arcade games, and meet cute animal friends: the demo is available now on Steam. Subliminal is an independent game studio based in New Mexico, USA and co-founded by Shandiin and Ryan Woodward to create games with an eye for aesthetics and a feel for fun.
 Demo or Wishlist: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1273750/Button_City/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ButtonCityFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/ButtonCityInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/ButtonCity
The Fermi Paradox – Anomaly GamesThe Fermi Paradox is a narrative space simulation game for PC and MAC where the player is asked to care for and watch over all civilizations. What if we finally reached life in other galaxies? What if alliances were forged, new life forms nurtured and innovation left unchecked? But what if, in the end, we failed to learn from our mistakes. Play out the fate of an evolving galaxy, as centuries-old interstellar civilizations collapse, survive and thrive. Joerg Reisig leads a diverse team of experienced game developers at Anomaly Games, based out of Germany and working together on The Fermi Paradox since 2017.

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