• Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

Roblox Factory Town Tycoon Textiles Update

Factory Town Tycoon By goreacraft Roblox Platform Textiles Update, Small Update 1.1.2 – Mining Drills can hold up to 180 firelogs from 60 – StorageRackMk1 can adjust max Storage – Barrels description corrected – GardenRaisedBed will fetch seeds from nearby conveyors

PLAY Factory Town Factory Town Tycoon [Textiles Update] – Roblox

🔶 Small Update 1.1.1

  • Conveyor Spacer Panel
  • Storage Rack adjustable max storage
    private server have access to command “/time”
  • small bugs fixes

🔶 Game Update 1.1 [Textiles Update]

[WARNING] AntiCheat enable – do not cheat or you get ban

It is a complicated and in depth game and you need patience and wits to play it, do not expect to be a common tycoon game

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🔔 Game AUTOSAVE enabled! -🔔


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