Boku No Roblox: Remastered Electrification, Jet, and Hellflame Revamp


New code at 500,000 likes! Welcome to Boku No Roblox By Boku No WIP/Boku No Roblox ROblox Platform , a game inspired by the anime My Hero Academia. People are born with special powers known as quirks! Will you become a hero and protect the world, or will you become a villain and destroy

Play oku No Roblox ( [UPDATE] Boku No Roblox: Remastered – Roblox

[Update Log]

  • Reworked Weapon shop and Mei Hatsume NPC
  • Eight new gadgets
  • Electrification, Jet, and Hellflame Revamp/Changes

Common Quirks: Engine, Voice, Gigantification, Hardening, Jet, Regeneration, Zero Gravity, Somnambulist, Navel Laser, Tail

Uncommon Quirks: Air Propulsion, Electric, Shock Absorption, Warp gate, Hell flame, Black hole, Permeation, Pop Off, Acid, Clones

Rare Quirks: Dark Shadow, Cremation, Quirkless, Muscle Augmentation, Decay, Creation, Frog

Legendary Quirks: AFO, OFA, HHHC, Explosion, Overhaul, Fierce Wings

Mythic Quirks: DOFA, TAFO

Shift-Sprint, Ctrl-Shiftlock,
E-Combat, R-Block, T-Train
Q,Z,X,C,V, F-Quirk Skills, B-Weapon Skill
2x W,A,S,D,Space-Dash

Game Badges

  • BNR:R Tester2x xp and 2x rare quirk chance reward.
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever1002
  • Paid Access Badge2x Experience Reward (Cuts your exp required to level in half)
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever105534

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