• Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

The Bastion City of Covenguard Core

The Bastion City of Covenguard Core This stalwart city fortress now overgrown and long abandoned served as the center stage for the final battle between the Human Kingdom and the Godking Sovereignty. The pyrrhic victory of mankind against the Godking long forgotten by the people but not the scarred lands and the monuments of carnage left strewn across the cityscape.

Play Cove nguard The Bastion City of Covenguard by Mucusinator – Core Games

It’s an art scene, no gameplay involved, it’s also open for editing so feel free to wade through the folders. Originally created for the Godking Challenge, then expanded upon in the next half a month

The Staff Only Update
-Add’s a staff, fancy
-Fixes some stone people stone textures
-Added a body somewhere
-Might have been more things, but i forgot

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