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Byjadiri gamer

Feb 12, 2021

“All of you are infected, we can’t save you anymore.”

As a dying man from a monstrous disease, enter an infested Hotel and fight real-time growing and mutating enemies. You only have to find two bio-samples before all is consumed, you won’t survive, but Mankind might.

Controls for Keyboard:

A,D – Run;
W,S – Aim up and Down;
R – Reload;
Spacebar – Jump;
Enter – Shoot;
Backspace – Kick;
Esc – Exit Game;

Controls for GamePad (Xbox 360):

Left/Right Arrows – Walk;
Up/Down Arrows – Aim up and Down;
A – Jump;
X – Shoot;
Y  – Reload;
B  – Kick;
Back Button – Exit Game;

Made for the “Low Stakes High-Rolling | Make a sci-fi game” 2021 Jam.

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The game is still open to change, so if you have any feedback, just comment below!

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