• Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Sword Clicker Gain Taps, rebirth for Diamonds!

Sword Clicker Gain Taps, rebirth for Diamonds! By Inspire Game’s on Roblox . collect pets Reach new islands Try to get to the top of the leaderboards! get upgrades in order to increase your Taps to insane levels. nspired by: Ninja Legends use code:WOWNEWSUPERSECRETGIANTSWORD

Play Sword Clicker [NEW UPGRADES] ⚔️Sword Clicker⚔️ – Roblox

⭐Next Update:
🌠 New Swords
🌆 New Islands
🐶 New Pets
🐛 Bugs fixes

📜Scripter: 174gb
🔨Builder: ySam_Dev
🎈Game Designer: Sr_RICKofc

⭐Join in Inspire Game’s. for an in-game reward:
⚡ Tag in Chat
⚡ Group Rewards

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