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Ghost Simulator Starter Tips Blox City

Ghost Simulator Starter Tips Blox City, When you first start playing GHost Simulator it is a must to get the hoverboard and your Frist Gody pet, this is where Hunter Adam and Hunter LIZ come in when you Reach Level 2 which is a matter of upgrading your antenna once pretty easy you collect part buy catching ghost on the map where the game allows you to go

Ghost Hunter Adma

.You Will Earn you Hoverboard FRom this NPC after a series of 13 Quests complete for him the hoverboard will become a well used friend through out your game play getting eavery where in with Ease and speed .

Though out these quest you will find upgrading you Equipment makes things far easier and QUicker your ghost funnel and your pack.

the hover boaed is key to the start of a great ghost hunting Career without it at times because of it speed you can get pushed out of many valuable ghots catches by faster players.

Ghost Hunter Liz

you will meet Liz in Blox City as well Liz can be found Behind the HoverBoaed store you can interact with Liz at Level 2 she has a series of Quest and in the end, you will gain one of your Frist GODLY pet Pet Help you in your Battles for a ghost the more you have your pets in battle the more leveled up and more powerful there help.

Hypnotize Pet Ghostly Flower creature

This Guy here will become one of your best companions he seems to level up very well Got mine to level 10 top level in a few days didn’t even realize it. Ghost simulator is very addicting you will find yourself compelled to achieve goal after goal. However, be warned they get increasingly more difficult as you move Ahead.

George the Gorilla

YOu will also meet you next Big Boss in BLox CIty this guy when you Beat it in the many Group boss battle that Happens every 5 to 10 minutes in the game will drop many bonus Items and Gems in its chest of treasures forthe victory. Dont forget it when the battle is finished pick it up one for each in the battle no matter who wins.


The construction Site is a Bonus area you will open inside Blox City By collecting the Item requested on the Wall that blocks your entrance untill you can offer them up each bouns area not only has its own brand of ghost to hunt and items to collect they also have a bonus Chest with Gems that pat off once each and every day Gem are the Games currency for purchasing new pet and Hoverboards.

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