BloxHypes Own I_DUDE7 AKA MR Play

Mr Plays

MR Play is 11 Years Old has been Playing Roblox and other games since he was 5 years Old and been a big part of our Live Streams Pretty much all that TIme From Building Lego, Frist Time Remote Drone Flights to Playing Hello Neighbor.

I_dudw7 us the Creator of Servral Roblox games just hang out and Early Small attempts at Beginings of Game Development.

one of them is

BLOX Hype Incredible Parkour/Obby Check it out (9) BLOX Hype Incredible Parkour/Obby – Roblox

iBe warned this one has a super dupper Difficulty level and so far as we know at this time the Check point dont not work its a uphillbattle for sure unless you have admin and some flying abiltiestjhat sorts help.

our Group ROBLOX Hype Inc. ROBLOX Hype Inc. – Roblox

he also takes care of the Roblox Group and Clothing designs Love Graphihc arts and Gets into a bit of amation on his own youtube Channel video editing on top of the various thing we do in this group .

if there is something about a Roblox Game you cant figure out he is a good persone to know .

Check out Fandom fare kid youTube we are also on Twitch tv Fandomfare ROBLOX GROUP ROBLOX Hype Inc. – Robloxwe are also Famdomfare on Discord Facebook Group Tip us StreamElements 

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