• Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

A few helpful tips for Bee Swarm Simulator on Roblox

A few helpful tip for Bee Swarm Simulator on Roblox, Basic tips I have not heard anywhere that will help anyone starting in this game.

Gum Drops and Vicious Bee stingers have several uses however this tip can save you hours of headbanging. DOn’t Use your GUmfrops or your Viscious bees stingers For just anything Hold then they are valuable.

2000 Gum Drop will get you a Gummy Bee, the GUmmy Bee can be found on top of the level 20 ANy Chanllage are if you Bring this NPC bee 20000 Gum Drop you will receive one gummy bee egg for your Hive.

you Get Vicious Bees Stinger From Taking part in a Vicious bee attack you will collect various numbers of Stinger GIfted vicious bee attack GIve up the most Stingers Hang on to these, 250 Stingers can get you a vicious bee this NPC can be found between the Spider Feild and the strawberry patch just turn over the 250 stingers for vicious bee eggs.

VIcious bee attack will only happen at nite, they cycle every10 to 20 minutes in-game you can also summon night with w night bell Which you can win in the memory game Founded on level 10 near the pineapple field and also level 35 .

Nite bell can also be purchased for 80 Robux however Let it be known this is a one-time use Item use it and it will be gone from your inventory. there is no cooldown for this item though and you can buy many of them and use them one after another just know that Vicious bee attacks dont always spawn every night time and some times if you are new they may spawn in a level you can not get to recommend you be at least level 30 as bee arracks can spawn on the mountain

Feed your bees everything as often as you can one at a time the goal is to get all your bees to level 10 or higher. your bees will level over time and play but they level faster with everything that can be fed. The higher you lever the faster you can take down mobs and the more likely you will be able to win the big bonuses bosses drop.

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