• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Core Loot Quest MMO RPG Supports up to 16 Players

Core Loot Quest MMO RPG CReator Jeis , Slay Enemy Mobs and Bosses to find Hundreds of Amazing Loot items ranging from Weapons of all Kinds, To many different types of abilities, and a variety of different armors! -Raritys Range from Common (Grey) All the way up to Legendary (Orange) and Mythic (Redish Pink) -Battle to level 60 while exploring and looting your way through a variety of well designed Zones! -Glimmering Grotto is only functioning Zone right now (Levels 1-10) -Currently Supports up to 16 Players (May be subject to change in the future)

Play Loot Quest Loot Quest MMO RPG by Jeis – Core Games

The Game is currently super early Dev, i am currently working solo on the project and want to form a team for it, message me on discord or here on Core if interested!

-Shoutout To Chipnerkj for the community Inventory Script!
-Shoutout To Muscinator For Community Covenguard Temporary Lobby!

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