Telin Mines Star Project: Telin Mines


Blox Hype Ince :The Telin Mines are deep below the surface of the planet.. a maze of catacombs and hidden gems. This is a PVE map for exploration, loot, mining and occasional on-foot PVP..

Play Telin Mines Telin Mines by AquaFrost – Core Games

Telin Mine is direclty linked to Planet Telin via portal (at the spawn point). Updates ——– – New Feature: Weapons Update – New Feature: Updated UI – Added Haunted Outposts – Added Backpack & Food – Added Lamps & SFX – Added Mining Bag – NEW: Mining System (New Mining Tool / Many Ores & Minerals to Collect) – Flora Added – Mining Hat Added – Loot Drop Added

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